Episode 01: The Customer Success Pioneer – Kellie Lucas

Kellie Lucas is a coach, mentor and an author of Customer Success Pioneer – a pragmatic handbook for anyone starting a journey into Customer Success. Her book was a finalist for the Best Business Book Award – Specialist Business Book – with the nomination being placed only four weeks after the book was published.  

We talked about why she wrote the book, what was the motivation behind and the concept. The conversation also revealed that writing a book was a pioneering experience for Kellie and she’s talking about the behind-the-scene writing process and feedback on book publishing.  

Kellie is teaching us fundamentals of customer success – relationships between people and businesses and the top skills for becoming an exceptional customer success manager – currently one of the most sought-after profession in the world. Being a coach, we’re fortunate to hear some of Kellies’ powerful coaching tools and the importance of customer success communities. 

My favourite learning: ‘You can’t coach anyone to do something that you feel that they should be better at. They have to recognize it and lead it and want to try to improve.’ 

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