Episode 06 :  How To Get Your First Customer Success Job – Irit Eizips

Today, I have a privilege of talking to Irit Eizips, CEO for CSM Practice, a global customer success management consulting firm. Some call her ‘CSM Guru’ as She’s consistently voted top Customer Success influencer and he has just been named a Top Global Customer Experience Thought Leader by Surveysensum. Irit is frequently featured as a speaker at conferences and Customer Success publications.  

In today’s episode Irit is sharing her career journey and strategies on getting the first CSM job.  

So, what did we talk about?  

  • Transitioning into Customer Success industry – Where to start from, when transitioning to CS world – What is the good entrance into profession 
  • How to secure the interview for your first CS job 
  • What to say and what not to say at the interview  

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