Episode 02: Gender Diversity in Customer Success – Sue Nabeth Moore

Today I am talking to Sue Nabeth Moore – a remarkable lady whom I call a serial Customer Success entrepreneur – she is the founder of Success Track Enterprise, a CS consultancy company; and a co-founder of Customer Success Mastermind, a CS training and on-going career development program. Also, she is an absolute influencer in the field, being listed as an Influential Women in Customer Success by Gainsight. Wearing so many different hats, Sue is also juggling mentoring for two organisations, Canopy Coaching and Everwise and organises regular CS events and meetups in France and Europe.  

This episode is dedicated to Diversity in Customer Success. Sue is the expert on the topic, having conducted the survey on the state of Customer Success in Europe. We ue is sharing some of the survey results on gender gap, diversity and trends in salaries. Even more exciting, Sue is sharing some reasons for this gap and tips and tool on what we all can do to bridge the gap.  

You will also hear about developing customer success skills through different certifications and development programmes, as Sue herself is leading Customer Success Mastermind where she provides focused professional development.  

As this episode is recorded during the Covid19 lockdown, in the comfort of our own homes, we are talking about different ways of working moving forward, and how this situation can affect women in their CS careers.  

You can find Sue at LinkedIn 

Sue is the founder of Success Track Enterprise ,    Co-Founder of Customer Success Mastermind


Mentor for Canopy Coaching  

Mentor for Everwise 


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