Episode 29: Customer Success Network – Kate Forgione

Today I’m talking to Kate Forgione, the founder and CEO of Customer Success Network – a global community for customer success managers run by over 100 volunteers who are hosting events and keep the community active.

This community helped me get to know the world of Customer Success, connect with some amazing individuals and constantly keep on learning from many valuable events and conversations that are happening within the group.

As this community is so close to my heart, of course I was happy to talk with Kate about:
– CSN Origins
– Original vision
– Organisation
– Volunteering
– Remarkable Growth

Check out Customer Success Network: customersuccess.network/
And find out about its:
– Events
– Mentoring
– Volunteering
– Resources

Connect with Kate – www.linkedin.com/in/kateforgione/

If you would like to join Women in Customer Success Slack Group, check it out here: join.slack.com/t/womenincs2020/s…sR6gHzoOEEdwa2f3g

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