Episode 30: Digital Customer Success – Anika Zubair

Today I’m talking to Anika Zubair, VP of Customer Success at inSided. Anika has been in customer success for most of her career, starting as a Customer Success Coach and moving up to a leadership positions, leading global Customer Success teams. She is also an active member of customer success community, leading CSM London Meetup, speaking in various industry events and she also has her podcast – Customer Success Channel.

Anika is sharing her career journey, tips and lessons for overcoming challenges and progressing your career. Anika is also giving a little master-class on Digital CSM: 
– what is Digital CS
– what are the skills required
– differences between a Digital CSM and a ‘regular CSM’ 
– when is Digital CS the best approach for your organisation

Connect with Anika:
– LinkedIn www.linkedin.com/in/anikazubair/
– CSM LDN Meetup – www.meetup.com/CSMLDN/
– The Customer Success Channel Podcast

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