Episode 31: Artificial Intelligence in Customer Success – Rupal Nishar

In today’s episode, I’m talking to an absolute Rockstar – Rupal Nishar. She’s a Customer Success Leader at Conga, a Real Estate Entrepreneur, Churn Crusher and a Mentor. Rupal is dedicated to developing CS strategies and leading global teams, especially in start-up environment. Her most recent projects are related to her passion in AI and ML research and implications of data intelligence for Customer Success.

We talk about:
– the trend of Artificial Intelligence in Customer Success
– what data should organisations track
– how can AI leverage Human to Human (H2H) approach in business

You will also hear Rupal’s personal and career story, her Giveaway initiative, and tips on developing your career and leadership.

Connect with Rupal: www.linkedin.com/in/rupalnishar/

Rupal’s book recommendation:
How Remarkable Women Lead by J.Barsh and S. Cranston

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