Episode 32: How to Sell as a Customer Success Manager – Kristen Hayer

In this episode I am talking to Kristen Hayer, the Founder and CEO of The Success League, a boutique consultancy helping organisations to develop top performing customer success programs. Kristen has years of experience in running sales and customer success teams. Before starting her own business, she held VP positions in Customer Success and decided to leverage her expertise and run her own business.

Firstly, we talk about Kristen’s career story:
– career journey – from sales towards customer success leadership 
– leaving the corporate world and starting own business
– tips and lessons from the journey

Then, we move the conversation into the practical tips on selling as a CSM:
– should CSMs be selling
– what is the case for selling
– how to sell without sounding ‘too salesy’
– when is the best time to sell

Find out about The Customer Success League and its Certifications – www.thesuccessleague.io/

Check out Kristen’s blog post on Uncovering Selling Opportunities for CSM – www.thesuccessleague.io/blog/2021/2/1…opportunities

Reading for Success Podcast – www.thesuccessleague.io/blog/2020/7/1…s-coming-soon

Connect with Kristen Hayer – www.linkedin.com/in/kristenhayer/

Shout out to Irene Lefton – www.linkedin.com/in/irenelefton/

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