Episode 34: How to Be a Boss of Your Career – Emilia D’Anzica

Today I’m talking to Emilia D’Anzaca, The Founder and CEO of management consultancy Growth Molecules, and one of the global Top 25 Customer Success Influencer 2021. With all the initiatives she is involved in the global customer success community, Emilia still finds the time for speaking at conferences, being a board member of educational institutions, and coaching other professionals at Catalyst Coaching Corner.

From all the topics that we could have discussed today, we focused on Emilia’s tips for becoming a boss of your own career.
– What does it mean? 
– How do you recognise new opportunities? 
– How do you create a career for yourself?

We also talk about Emilia’s compelling career journey from experiencing a burnout in corporate America to starting her own business and how that experience is driving her latest initiative – writing a book about working moms in tech.

Emilia and her co-author Sabina Pons are looking to hear the voices of mothers in technology.

Are you a mom in tech?

Please take 5min to complete the survey that will inform the book. You can expect the results later in the year.

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