Episode 35: Career Lessons for Young Professionals – Karolina Adamus

In today’s episode, I’m talking to Karolina Adamus, Customer Success Enthusiast and an advocate for Humble leadership. Karolina has been in the customer success industry for a few years already and she is very passionate about helping young customer success enthusiasts secure their first job in the industry.

We talk about Karolina’s fascinating career journey and lessons learned along the way:
– What are the consequences of not saying ‘no’ when needed? 
– How to know when to ask for help?

Karolina is also sharing challenges that young professionals are facing when starting out in the industry:
How to approach job search?
What are the things to be aware of? 
How to successfully prepare yourself for the role?

Karolina is sharing some golden career lessons for young professionals, no matter the industry or job.

Connect with Karolina: www.linkedin.com/in/karolinaadamus/

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