Episode 36: How to Become an Expert on Yourself – Ronni Gaun

Today I’m talking to Ronni Gaun, one of the Top 100 Customer Success strategists in 2020 and a well-known influencer in the customer success industry. Her content is thought-provoking and inspiring, and we’re discussing few epiphanies that Ronni had shared with her CS community, that I am sure will be very valuable for you.

Ronni got furloughed in the mids of the pandemic in 2020 and one of her epiphanies is fueled by her job-seeking experience. We also discuss the stigma of unemployment, vulnerability, and serendipity.

We talk about:
– setting your priorities right
– becoming an expert on yourself
– finding an ideal employer profile

One of my favorite learnings from Ronni’s story:
‘I made a commitment to become the expert of myself. I was trying to consume all of the information about job searching, and how you should present yourself on LinkedIn and what your resume should be like, and how you should network. And I tried a lot of those different things. I paid money for a lot of those different things. But I always felt that I was acting differently than I would have been just authentic. I know that word is overused. But one of the very first epiphanies that I write about is my priorities, getting my priorities straight. I didn’t ever want to be in that situation again. And so becoming an expert in myself meant understanding my priorities.’

Connect with Ronni: www.linkedin.com/in/ronnigaun/

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