Episode 37: Thriving as a Women of Colour in Customer Success – Stacey McPherson

To celebrate the end of Women’s History Month, today I’m joined by Stacey McPherson, Team Lead of Customer Success at Commvault. Stacey is sharing her lived experience of being a woman of colour in Tech.

We talk about:
– How does it look like, being a woman of colour in Customer Success? if that’s you, that makes you 1% of the overall Customer Success community
– Microaggressions at the workplace – how they happen and what you can do about it
– Unconscious bias
– Inclusive workplace – how do you create an environment where everyone can feel inclusive, contribute towards the common goals and succeed
– Sponsors and allies 
– Practical tips and tools for becoming changemakers for women of colour in Tech

This episode also provides a challenge for everyone – what is one thing you can do today to help women of colour enter the customer success profession and grow their careers?

Stacey is such an inspiring woman with a wealth of business and cultural background and experiences, having lived and worked in three continents (Asia, Europe, USA).

Connect with Staceywww.linkedin.com/in/smcphers/

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