Episode 38: Why Customer Onboarding Matters? – Donna Weber

In today’s episode, I am talking to Donna Weber, the customer onboarding expert and the author of Onboarding Matters, a newly published book on transforming your customers into loyal champions.

We’re uncovering some important topics from the book:
– why onboarding is your most important customer strategy
– what does it mean to orchestrate the customer journey
– hope is not a strategy 
– the strategies for transforming your customers into loyal champions

If you are listening to this podcast, there’s a big chance you’re a woman in the customer success profession or other customer-facing roles, and you are looking to develop your career, leave your professional footprint, and make an impact. Hence, in every episode, we want to provide valuable content to advance your customer relationships, but also, content that will inspire and inform your career choices.

Donna is a remarkable role model with an exciting career journey and we are absolutely thrilled to share her career story with you:
– how Donna created opportunities for herself to follow her dream career and do what she’s passionate about.
– this before that – a concept brought by Tara Mohr in her book ‘Playing Big’

Purchase Onboarding Matters for the launch price of $.99 this week

Check out Donna’s work and publications:

Articles referenced in this episode:
– Onboarding ≠ Implementation www.springboardin.com/post/onboardin…implementation 
– The Neuroscience of Customer Onboarding
– Customer Engagement is the Killer App
– What’s in A Name? A New Way to Think About Customer Success Managers

Book / Course: Playing Big by Tara Mohr 

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