Episode 39: Lessons from the C-Suite – Megan Bowen

Today, it is a pleasure to share a conversation with Megan Bowen, the Chief Customer Officer at the Refine Labs. While Megan is sharing her career story, great successes, and accomplishments, she’s also making a point about how the biggest learning and growth come from hard moments of your career. This conversation is raw, vulnerable, and therapeutic. 
You will hear about Megan’s decision to move across the country when she was still a teenager, after realizing it was exactly what a people pleaser should do. Bold move for sure!

Wherever you are in your career, you may want to hear Megan’s lessons:
– chasing your ambition to reach the destination
– how does it actually feel being in the C-suite
– what to do when you feel lost in your career
– how to help yourself if you are being defined by your work 
– how to set the right career progression mindset

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