Episode 41: How to Set your Team Up for Success – Emily Garza

Emily Garza, AVP of Customer Success at Fastly, and the Founder of ValueCS with Emily is the newest guest on the Women in Customer Success Podcast!  We start the episode by exploring how Emily’s background in Sales and sales enablement is a great stepping stone for the Customer Success industry. 
We talk about: 
– Brag sheet – Have you heard about it? What it is and shy should you start creating one?
– Creating Customer Success teams – where to start from and how to set the team up for success?
– Coaching – how to get the most out of your coaching?
– Mentoring – is that the answer to all of your career questions?

Connect with Emily: www.linkedin.com/in/emily-garza-mba/
Learn more about ValueCS With Emily: valuecswithemily.com/

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