Episode 45: How to Practice Emotional Intelligence – Ashna Patel

Today I’m talking to Ashna Patel, Manager of Customer Success at Ascend Cloud. Ashna is such an amazing, passionate leader, extremely active on a global customer success scene. She is involved with so many different initiatives, communities, events, that are hard even keeping track of, and not only being involved. But, as you will hear from this conversation, she is just extraordinarily passionate about what she does so it all comes naturally for her.

If you heard Ashna talking, you probably picked up that she is an emotional intelligence expert in customer success.

In this episode you will hear about Emotional Intelligence:  
– What emotional intelligence really is
– How can you start practicing it on a daily basis  (starting with regular reflections),
– How can you advocate for it in the workplace

We know you are also interested in career development and Ashna’s career journey. We started the conversation with Ashna’s career lessons:
– How to always be one step ahead in your career
– Find your ‘why’ behind everything you do

Books Ashna is recommending:
– Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman 
– Start With Why by Simon Sinek

Connect with Ashna:
– LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/ashnapatel92/
– CS Insider: csinsider.io
– CS Ladies: www.linkedin.com/company/csladies/ 
– The CS Raving Fans Bookclub www.linkedin.com/groups/13942093/

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