Episode 48: How to Propel your Career – Kellie Capote

Today I talk to Kellie Capote, Chief Customer Officer at Gainsight. Kellie is sharing her career journey – what led her to join Gainsight and progress from an Enterprise CSM to CCO in just over four years and the lessons learned along the way. We also talk about the challenges of balancing parenting with a high-profile career as a woman in leadership. Of course, Kellie is also sharing some hottest trends in the customer success industry as well.

One of my biggest learnings is Kellie’s remark that ‘every day you’re interviewing for your next role.’

Kellie’s career tips: 
– Have early career conversations with leadership
– Define areas of improvement
– Bring a solution-orientated mindset
– Proactively ask for feedback
– Showcase your achievements

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