Episode 49: How to Build a Customer Success Team in EMEA – Christine Hale

Today on the show I talk to Christine Hale, Senior Manager of Customer Success at Intelex. Tina is sharing her experience of building a European Customer Success team from the ground up. When Intelex was opening European operations, Tina moved across the world, from Toronto headquarters to London, alongside five other individuals – and embarked on the European adventure of building departments and the international operations.

We talk about: 
– How to prepare for leading an international team?
– What to do before you land at the new destination? 
– How to approach CS hiring when building a team?
– How to align global customer success strategy with the regional approach?

I was privileged to work in Tina’s team during my days at Intelex, she’s very much responsible for my love for customer success! I hope you’ll enjoy this episode.

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