Episode 55: Metrics in Customer Success – Apoorva Sudarshan

In today’s episode, it’s a pleasure to welcome Apoorva Sudarshan, Manager of Strategic Accounts at Mixpanel. Although we focus on metrics in customer success, Apoorva is such an interesting woman and I’m grateful we also talked about the work-life balance, customer success as an ‘unconventional’ career; and the tips for achieving happiness in your career.

How to decide what to measure, how to interpret metrics and how to know the best actions based on the data?

Apoorva is sharing what type of metrics you should be measuring in your customer success department:
– Value moments for your customers
– Customers’ satisfaction
– Engagement with your brand

We also talk about: 
– Customer success as an ‘unconventional’ choice
– Keeping track of your wins
– How to achieve happiness in the role
– The required effort for balancing work and life

My favourite learning from Apoorva is: ‘You are more than your working hours .’

Connect with Apoorva: www.linkedin.com/in/apoorva42/

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