Episode18: How To Build Your Online Presence on LinkedIn – Diana De Jesus

I am talking to Diana de Jesus, Customer Success Leader and one of the 100 CS Strategists in 2020. Diana is also a creator of Keep the Customer – a blog dedicated to retaining customers. A leader, an influencer and – at least for me – the CS Queen of LinkedIn.

She’s built her online presence and thought leadership during the last year, and today she is sharing her tips and strategies of creating content and building an online audience.

– Where to start from? 
– What type of content to post? 
– How Often? How to engage with the audience? 
– And…..how to do it all alongside your day job and personal life? 
Diana is encouraging us to give it a go! She says: ‘Whatever you have to share is super important. Everybody has their own story. Everybody has different things that they’re passionate about, different perspective on things, and there’s space for everyone to say something.’

So, let’s get into this little masterclass of building your LinkedIn presence.

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