Episode 56: How to Step into Customer Success Leadership Role – Morika Georgieva

I want to wish a Happy New year to all the amazing listeners and followers of the Women in Customer Success Podcast! Thank you for your continuous support!

New Year is an amazing opportunity for stepping into new roles and advancing your career. And what a better way to start the year than with this episode with Morika Georgieva, the Manager of Customer Success EMEA at Permutive. We talk about stepping into leadership roles in Customer Success.

Morika’s golden advice on the best ways to start your journey towards CS leadership: 
💎 How can you be helpful to your current leadership? 
💎 What are the things you can take off your leader’s plate?
💎 The right behaviours and motivations for a leadership role
💎 Tips for managing up

She’s also sharing her intentions and wishes for Customer Success in 2022!

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